Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20

Friday, March 31, 2023

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 9.30 Welcome – Marek Łukaszewicz (KLF), Nina Sankari (KLF), Dorota Wójcik (WOR)
  • 9.40 Introduction – Nina Sankari (Poland)
  • 10.00 Opening lecture – Prof. Paweł Golik (Poland): “Darwin in our genes – how evolution shapes the genome”
  • 10.40 Q&A
  • 11.00 Coffee break
  • 11.30 Panel I: Science as a source of knowledge vs. non-scientific, pseudoscientific, parascientific beliefs and views – Prof. Ewa Bartnik (Poland), Dr.Tomasz Witkowski (Poland), Sanal Edamaruku (India/Finland), Sami Abdallah (Lebanon). Chair: Prof. Konrad Talmont-Kaminski (Poland)
  • 12.30 Q&A
  • 13.00 Dan Barker’s concert
  • 13.30 Richard Dawkins signs books
  • 14.00 Lunch break
  • 15.15 Panel II: Secular ethics vs. religious Do’s and Dont’s – Dan Barker (USA), Stanisław Obirek (Poland), Mohamed Cisse (USA). Chair: Dr. Łukasz Polowczyk (Poland)
  • 16.10 Panel III: Bioethics – new ethical challenges – Prof. Jan Hartman (Poland), Dr. Joanna Różyńska (Poland). Chair: Dr. Lukasz Polowczyk (Poland)
  • 16.45 Q&A
  • 17.15 Panel IV: Education – not indoctrination! – Christian Kobluk (Poland), Rafał Betlejewski (Poland), Shirajum Monira Erina (Bangladesh). Chair: Maciej Podgórski (Poland)
  • 18.15 Q&A
  • 18.45 End of program

Saturday, April 1, 2023

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 9.00 Session: Emancipatory role of science vs. ideologies and institutions limiting human rights and freedoms
    • Panel I: LGBT rights – Kuba Gawron (Poland), Anna Maziarska (Poland), Jimmi Bangash (Pakistan/GB), Jarek Malicki (Poland). Chair: Anna Zawadzka (Poland)
    • Panel II: Women’s rights – Annie Laurie Gaylor (USA, online), Maryam Namazie (Iran/GB Online), Marta Lempart (Poland), Nada Peratovic (Chroatia). Chair: Dorota Wójcik (Poland)
    • Panel III: Rights of nonbelievers: Prof. Paweł Borecki (Poland), Mohamed Hisham (Egypt/Germany), Michael Nugent (Ireland). Chair: Dan Barker (USA)
  • 10.40 Q&A
  • 11.00 Coffee break
  • 11.30 Rafał Betlejewski performance “About a liar in cassock and smart children”
  • 11.45 Panel IV: Authors and publishers promoting a worldview based on scientific knowledge – Prof. Krzysztof Dołowy (Poland), David Rand (Canada), Stanisław Pisarek (Poland), dr Anjuli Pandavar (GB), Piotr Szwajcer (Poland), Lukasz Polowczyk (Poland).
  • 13.15 Lunch break
  • 14.30 10th Anniversary of the Kazimierz Łyszczyński Foundation: Marek Łukaszewicz, Nina Sankari
  • 15.00 Announcement of the results of the Special Prize 2023
  • 15.10 Interview with Richard Dawkins (Nina Sankari, Prof. Paweł Golik)
  • 16.00 Q&A
  • 16.30 Panel V: Leaving religion. Humanists, atheists for democratic values, freedom of conscience and freedom from religion – Tonoy Emroz Alam (Bangladesh), Hugo Estrella (Argentina), Urte Žukauskaitė (Lithuania), Fraser Sutherland (Scotland). Chair: Piotr Szumlewicz (Poland).
  • 17.40 Q&A
  • 18.00 Closing of the Conference:

* The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the preliminary program.

Due to the high costs of the event, a conference fee applies. Please find the link to the registration form below:


We invite you to register, the number of places is limited.