Days of Atheism are a response to the growing clericalism of Poland. We wish to manifest the presence of atheists in the Polish society and oppose the violation of their rights in the country’s legislation and everyday life.

Atheists have sought ways to manifest their freedom from religion in the face of a growing arrogance of the Catholic clergy, the capture of an increasing space of public and private life, a policy of exclusion that has affected everyone but dogmatic Catholics, and the Church and State alliance  resulting in the religion being imposed on the whole society. Our goal is to reaffirm the legitimacy of the worldview based on scientific knowledge and secular ethics and build an atheist community.

Polish atheist philosopher Kazimierz Łyszczyński [pronounce: ka’zimyesh wish_’tchinsky], who was publicly tortured and executed for atheism in the 17th century, is an important reminder that atheism was not brought to Poland ‘on the bayonets’ of the Red Army in the 20th century. Three centuries ago, Kazimierz Łyszczyński said We, the atheists and so do we now, as his spiritual heirs who reject the claim that atheists are tantamount to Bolsheviks.

Days of Atheism are held by Polish atheists in Warsaw each spring to commemorate the anniversary of Kazimierz Łyszczynski’s death and to reaffirm the freedom of conscience. The event celebrates atheism and attracts a growing number of participants from Poland and other countries.

DAYS OF ATHEISM 2023: 31 MARCH – 01 April 2023

After two years of pause (2021 because of COVID and 2022 because we put all our efforts and financial resources to help Ukrainian refugees) we are back!

This year, the event is very special with the confirmed attendance of evolutionary biologist, professor Richard Dawkins. Professor Dawkins has contributed to the development of the theory of evolution and is a world-famous author and an outstanding promoter of science and atheism. Speakers at the conference  come from 16 countries and five continents. The Conference will take place at the prestigious Warsaw Copernicus Science Centre.

The main theme of the event is Science – Not Delusions! We strongly believe it is vital that a worldview based on science should be staunchly supported as the world faces a growing pressure from obscurantism that threatens the progress of humankind.

The conference is accompanied by Art Across Borders exhibition and the Small Atheistic Book Fair.


One of the key events within the Atheist Days 2023 is a Gala Dinner with the Atheist of the Year Award Ceremony. Among the winners of this Prize in the international category there are such renown atheists as Maryam Namazie from Iran/GB) and Sanal Edamaruku from India/Finland (2014), Waleed el-Husseini from Palestine/France (2015), Mario Ramadan from Lebanon (2016), Michael Nugent from Ireland and Fauzia Ilyas from Pakistan/Netherlands (2017), David Silverman from USA and Rahma Essid from Tunis (2018), Freedom from Religion Foundation from USA and Armin Navabi from Canada (2019), Jean-Luc Romero from France (2020).

This year, on Saturday, 1 April, you will have a unique opportunity to meet personally our exceptional guests at the Gala Dinner with the Atheist of the Year 2023 Award and the Atheist of All Time Award Ceremony.

Simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided to all parts of program.


We are pleased to welcome you to the exhibition ART ACCROSS BORDERS which accompany the Atheist Days 2023 event. The exhibition title is taken from the project “HUMANISTS ACROSS BORDERS” initiated by Foundation after the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine to help people fleeing the war. We believe that a special place belongs here to artists from Ukraine who, like millions of Ukrainian war refugees, had to cross yet another border: this of their country.


Our conference will host exceptional atheist authors with the incomparable Richard Dawkins at the forefront. At the Fair, you will have the opportunity to buy almost all his books published in Poland (CIS stand) and get the author’s autograph!
Among our panelists there will be many authors, including Tomasz Witkowski, Dan Barker, Stanisław Obirek, Łukasz Polowczyk, Jan Hartman, Rafał Betlejewski, Lech Mazurek, Anna Zawadzka, Paweł Borecki, Krzysztof Dołowy, David Rand, Anjuli Pandavar, Piotr Szumlewicz. Their books with authors’ autographs will also be available at our Fair. In addition, at the stands of CIS and STAPIS publishing houses, there will be available books by other atheist authors.

Register at https://dniateizmu.pl (English version)

Phone: +48 501518757


Kazimierz Lyszczynski also known as Casimir Liszinski (1643 – 1689) – Polish philosopher, who was accused, tried, and cruelly executed for atheism. In the treatise “De non existentia Dei” he asserted that God, being “a creation of a Man”, does not exist and that “Religion was constituted by people without religion” with the aim of oppressing simple people.

Kazimierz Lyszczynski was the most eminent Polish mind of 17th century, a man far ahead of his time. Yet, he is forgotten in Poland and totally unknown abroad. It’s a high time to render him a historical justice and let him join the greatest thinkers of his epoch such as Giulio Cesare Vanini or Giordano Bruno.


Our Foundation is named after Kazimierz Lyszczynski. We see ourselves as his intellectual heirs who promote:

  • atheistic worldview based on rational reason, scientific evidence, and secular ethics,
  • freedoms of thought, expression and conscience, incl. in media, science, and art,
  • secular state, especially secular education,
  • growth and cooperation of atheist communities in Poland and worldwide.

We organize: International Days of Atheism in Warsaw (end March), Spring, Summer and Autumn Atheists Gatherings, Atheists Picnic (May), campaigns Right to Die, Atheism does not exclude, Stop Church Sexual Abuse (Baby Shoes Remember Poland), Homophobia kills, Humanists across borders for Ukraine.

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