Philippe Besson (FNLP)

Od 1980 aktywny działacz francuskiego ruchu laickiego. W 1985 roku wstąpił do FNLP (Fédération nationale de la Libre Pensée – Francuska Wolna Myśl). Jest członkiem założycielem ILCAF (Międzynarodowego Kongresu Ateistów i Wolnomyślicieli) oraz Międzynarodowego Stowarzyszenia Wolnomyślicieli (2011). Od 1992 felietonista miesięcznika La Raison.

Jako dziennikarz i rzecznik FNLP zabiega głównie o wolność sumienia i rozdział państwa od kościoła. Publikuje w La Raison i l’Idee Libre. Brał udział w wielu humanistycznych, świeckich i wolnomyślicielskich kongresach we Francji, Stanach Zjednoczonych i Irlandii.

Since the 11th of September 2001, our world has become divided into civilizations whose differing cultural origins must inevitably, it is claimed, lead them to confrontation. By encouraging such tension, it is easy to instill fear and cultural isolation and to justify military interventions. The West being thus threatened, an ideology of domination, acting in the name of religious and cultural interests and leading to a new crusade whose aim is „to civilize”, has taken root. The churches, natural partisans of this crusade, have already found „secular” allies.

To found a republic on multiculturalism would be the institutionalization of a society of disparate cultural communities. Such a system of government would lock citizens into their particular origins — ethnic, religious, etc. — instead of facilitating their emancipation.

Should freethinkers and atheists concentrate on building their own community, with rights similar to those of a religious community? Or rather, should they dedicate themselves to the fight for the most complete freedom of conscience, to be accomplished by deploying their efforts on the international stage in favour of the most strict separation between churches and State?

International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Freethinkers (ILCAF)


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